Release your inner radiance...

"The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you"

Coco Chanel

Helen Lindeman
Colour Consultant

At the heart of Radiant-Colour is the belief that we should all allow ourselves to shine.
My role is to help you discover your inner and outer radiance by analysing your colours and updating your make up, wardrobe and shopping habits.
I will provide a safe and relaxing space in which to reconnect with yourself and effect change in your life to become the most confident and stylish version of you.
I want to help you look and feel great every day.

Look good-feel great-be confident!

Colour Analysis

During this Consultation I will remove your make up using our soothing products and give you a relaxing mini facial .We will discuss your reasons for attending and I will  briefly explain the process of analysing your colours . 

I will use your eye, skin and hair colour to determine your dominant and then reapply the appropriate make up ensuring it feels comfortable and appropriate to your lifestyle and needs.

( An enhanced colour session involves testing for your secondary and tertiary colours providing a more detailed and personal to you service) 

 I will then use the drapes to show you your best colours  and how they can transform your appearance lifting your complexion so we can see the real you. We will then talk about how  to wear them to their best advantage.

There will be an opportunity to buy any stand out make -up products and ask any questions about colour, style, wardrobe issues and shopping recommendations. You will receive a swatch of 30/42 of your best colours to take away with you. Happy shopping!!

Most importantly this session is all  about YOU. 

Cost of standard session : £100 (1-2 hours

Cost of enhanced session :£145{allow 2hours}

Make-up Lesson




During this session we will discuss your present make -up routine and needs.

I will then remove your make up using our soothing products and will give you a mini facial to enhance your well-being.

Having discussed your dominant colouring based on your eye  and hair colour and skin tone I will select the correct make up that will enhance your natural beauty.

I will apply your make up step by step involving you in the process whilst explaining the purpose of each item.

You will have the opportunity to purchase any  of your favourite make up products from the COLOURmeBEAUTIFUL range. 

All products are Paraben free, hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, produced in the Uk and use minimal packaging.


Cost of session:£45 (1 hour)

Wardrobe Edit and/or Personal Shopping Experience

Most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time! We all have our favourite outfits and the items we feel our best in but with my help we can change that to feeling great in everything!

Together we will look at your wardrobe and remove items you never wear, then focus on the clothes you feel great in before identifying the gaps and looking at ways to put outfits together.

We will then reorganise your wardrobe space to create easy access and order.

As a result of this procees you will wear more of your clothes not less, save money and feel emotionally lighter.

Cost of session:£60/per hour

In addition to this I offer a personal shopping experience at an additional £60 per hour

"Don't keep anything in your wardrobe that doesn't spark joy" Marie Condo


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